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Natural Hair Products with Supernatural Results 
 We are changing the way healthy hair products are being made in the natural hair care industry with our unique blend of 100% Organic ingredients and a chemical-free system.


Our System
Designed to stimulate the hair follicles to grow thicker, stronger natural hair quickly, this system delivers noticeable results. Made without any chemicals, alcohol or other additives, J’Organic Solutions products stimulate natural hair growth without irritating the scalp. We offer a soothing, nourishing way to allow the beauty of your curly kinky hair, from 3A to 4C shine through.

Our Founder 

What Sets Us Apart

 Founder Johanne Joseph is on a mission to help you take the guesswork out of the mythical natural hair journey. As a Master Beautician and a product formulator for over a decade she is sharing the exact steps that she takes in her salon to grow and nurture her client’s natural hair.You can now have the same treatment at home, with J’Organic Solutions beautifully packaged Hair Kits geared towards Healthy Hair Growth, Hydrated Curls, and Kid’s Healthy Hair Growth & Manageability. There’s something for the entire family!


J’ Organic Solutions was born. HANDMADE For Us By Us

Each J’Organic Solutions product is intuitively formulated and fortified with the best ingredients for your hair. All working together to achieve *supernatural* results that 

✔Stop and Prevent Hair breakage 

✔Stimulate growth

✔ Retain Moisture and Hydration 

Like all small businesses, the early days were not without defeat. If you know our brand you know Ingredients Matter here at J’Organic Solutions so years were spent perfecting and researching our one of kind formulas to come up with a natural hair product line that is SAFE, EFFECTIVE, & ORGANIC.

And that your entire family can trust...including your precious little ones!

As a mother and protector of two young black boys, our founder Johanne Joseph feels a deep responsibility to provide the next generation’s hair with chemical-free nourishment for their natural kinks & curls. This looks like NO Sulfates, NO Parabens, NO Alcohol, NO Phthalates, & NO Animal Testing.

Natural Hair Products With Supernatural Results

 J’Organic Solutions Raw Shea is sourced directly from a small farm in Ghana, West Africa.Our Moringa Oil comes from a Haitian non-profit acreage that donates all profits directly back into the community.With each Healthy Hair Kit purchased, it is Johanne’s personal goal to provide a child with their very own kit of school supplies back in Haiti. Too often she’s viewed kids carrying their stacks of books and pencils in the crooks of their arms. Her sincere attempt to lessen the gap between the “haves and have nots” looks like every purchase of one (or more!) of our Healthy Hair Kits, J’Organic Solutions vows to donate one backpack with school supplies to a schoolkid in Haiti.We’re not just selling products at J’Organic Solutions, we’re trying to impact the world.

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