Natural Hair Summer Care: 4 Amazing Tips to Rock Your Lovely Curls This Summer


Have you felt the sizzle yet? Summer may have your skin glowing but those tresses are silently suffering. 

Hot weather requires extra nourishment for Natural Hair against heat, sun, saltwater/sweat, and chlorine. 

If you have color treatment the sun's rays can also dull your color faster and change the way you apply it. For example, if you show up to your hair appointment with a “heated scalp” your stylist will most likely try and cool your temperature before applying the color. If he/she doesn't, the added heat can cause the color to come out much brighter than you originally desired.  

Sweating more causes product buildup, dry heat causes frizz, while humidity can ruin your style. 

No matter the issue, here are our Top 4 amazing tips to rock your lovely curls all summer long.

Double up on your nourishing shampoos and conditioners

  • Always use sulfate-free shampoos (does not strip moisture; stripping moisture leads to the overproduction of oil)

  • Co-washing -- if not already -- should be your best friend in this season. This can act as a great summer mask which keeps oils, moisture, shine and maintains the definition of your curls.

  • You might also want to wash less this season, as to not strip moisture from hair .

  • Protect your hair against heat and sun

  • Everyone loves a good straightened style but you want to be careful how you’re stretching your hair this summer. The best way to avoid drying out your curls and causing breakage is to always use a heat-protectant spray before working with any heat styling tools. 

  • (Try to opt for air-drying rather than heat styling when you can.)

  • Invest in a UV-protection SPF spray before going outside in the sun which creates a protective veil on your curls similar to sunscreen for skin. This is one of our faves, lightweight and ant-drying, it works wonders! 

  • Switch up your hair treatment

    Depending on if you are in a dry or humid climate you might have to switch out your products for the summer season. This might even mean using different amounts of each product you already have. 

  • Get yourself a spritz bottle! Not just for your face, this is great natural hair hack for summer. Start by combining your favorite hair oil or conditioner and diluting it in water. Add it to a small spray bottle and apply in the mornings or just before bed.  It’s the perfect touch up for braid styles, wash n go’s, and twists.

  • Some naturalistas like to switch up their method in the summer time from LCO to LOC. LOC can sometimes sit lighter on the hair reducing excess buildup from added sweat and free radicals from all that summertime fun.

  • ALWAYS pre-treat your hair before pool time!  

  • The simplest and fastest way is to add our very own Growth Plus Serum to the scalp before jumping into the pool. It is lightweight yet penetrates quickly to seal the hair as a way to keep out as much chlorine as possible.

  • For after care, make sure you rinse out all chlorine with warm water and use a conditioner first to directly penetrate the harsh stripping that just occured.

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