4 Proven Ways to Soften Your 4C Natural Hair (Without Chemicals)



4C hair when treated right can be as soft as spun cotton and smooth as buttah. Master Beautician, Johanne Joseph, gives her Top 4 Tips on how to achieve the Kinky Coily texture of your dreams. 




1.  Use a Water-based Moisturizer 

The most important factor in keeping 4C Natural Hair manageable and healthy is hydration. Just how you give your body, plants, and pets water to grow, feeding your natural hair products that contain water is just as crucial. 

Since you don’t want to be over-shampooing 4C hair, using a daily water-based moisturizer is the best way to restore lost H₂0. When you do wash, this step will come directly after you’ve rinsed out your deep conditioner.

Other things to look out for when you are checking your product ingredient list are natural butters. The best are shea butter, mango butter, and avocado butter. These are all great for softening the hair strands. 

Sensing a trend here? Water. Fruits & Veggies. Let your hair be great and treat her to a healthy diet Sis!


2.  Invest In a High Quality Satin Bonnet

There’s a reason this is near the top of the list. While some may write this off as a “luxury item” when it comes to 4C Afro Hair, it is a non-negotiable. While silk pillowcases don’t hurt the situation it is still not the same as investing in a high quality satin bonnet. As strong as they look, 4C locks are sensitive. Keeping them protected while you toss and turn in the night will help retain the hair’s natural oils and moisture allowing your curls to stay soft and more manageable.


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3.  Gently Stretch Your 4C Hair

    While most people think stretching is only for hair growth, it is actually a great way to both lengthen the hair and break up the curl pattern for more gentle detangling and manageability.

    Not properly caring for 4C hair and leaving it exposed to the elements is the fastest way to cause matting and serious breakage. 

    So how to do this gently and soften the hair at the same time? Either with low low heat 


    • After washing, conditioning, and detangling your hair you want to add your water-based moisturizer and then seal it with Moringa Shea Hair Yogurt. 
    • Then Divide your hair into at least 4 sections and braid it while it is still wet or damp. 
    • Once the hair is dry, undo the braid. This will leave the hair slightly stretched, smoothed, and softened.  


    4.  Deep Condition Your Natural Hair More Often

      4C hair needs less stripping away and more pouring into it. Deep conditioning 2-4 times a month keeps your hair from being dry and easily knotted. 

      On a scientific level deep conditioning helps to keep the cuticle of the hair from opening up, sealing it down to smooth the texture. When the cuticles are closed curls become more defined which means less split ends and softer hair to style and maintain.   



      Hair softening is not about “taming” or “changing” the natural state of 4C hair. These tips are meant to help YOU manage your hair daily with ease, and allow your kinks to thrive in optimum health with consistent growth. 

      It is not to make others more comfortable or to even remotely compare or compete with other hair textures.  

      Beauty is a spectrum and at J’Organic Solutions we celebrate 4C as the peak of Glorious Afro hair. 

      For more Hair Care Tips and a place to share, ask, and feel genuinely supported Join our Natural Hair Club Today. 


      • Posted on by Annmarie Tobin
        Thanks for the information. I hope to stay natural.No more relaxed hair. Thanks
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        Dry and kinky hair. Need sofen and growrh.

      • Posted on by Lisa Morrison
        thank you for celebrating 4c hair. I will follow your tips
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        how to keep my hair soft and moisture

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